Xbox 360 LIVE update 2.0.13146.0


If you have been onto Xbox LIVE in the last few days, as mentioned in my previous post there is a mandatory update to dashboard versionĀ 2.0.13146.0.

What this update does is reformat your DVD drive to support the new upcoming XDG3 game disc format, so if you had a flashed console it will now be reset to stock firmware again. However, before you do the update and you know how to flash your console, or know someone that can, revert to the stock firmware BEFORE updating to the latest dashboard. Microsoft will possibly be able to detect and flag your console and could be banned later from LIVE.

What happens if you have already updated to the latest dashboard and want to play you backup games again? Well firstly you will need to get your Xbox 360 drive flashed again. Currently to date of this post, LT+ 1.9 is currently in testing by c4eva. This should be released soon…Subscribe to my newsletter here if you would like to be kept up to date regarding latest releases etc. I have flashed LT+ 1.1 onto a console purely for backup game purposes after the update and it is working fine. I havn’t tested AP2.5 games yet but apparently they dont working until LT+ 1.9 is released. Will post an update on this once I know more.

If you don’t play games on LIVE dont update to the latest dashboard! You only need to update to the latest dashboard once XDG3 format game discs get released. If you do want to play on LIVE hold off on the update until LT+ 1.9 has been released.

On another note, LT+ 1.9 will allow you to play game backups etc as it is based on the new dashboard firmware but you wont be able to play XDG3 games when they come out. LT+ 2.0 will be released soon after LT+ 1.9 which will allow you to play XDG3 game discs.


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