SuperPad (Flytouch 2) Firmware Update 3656 Android 2.2 (Froyo)


Superpad (Flytouch 2) Firmware UpgradeThis is an official release, for those sticking with the company firmware. No hacks, no cooks, no joke.

Model- WWE10
Android Version- 2.2 v1.8 3656
Kernel- 2.6 32.9
Build Number- FRF85B

Whats new

  • Smoother System built off of the 3245 firmeware as source
  • Fast response to user touch
  • Enhanced icons
  • Wow Launcher updated
  • File Manager updated
  • Wow Video updated
  • Ereader updated
  • Calculater updated
  • Camera updated
  • 3d Gallery app
  • Music Player updated
  • Skype updated (no video as of yet)
  • Gmail contact sync options
  • Hands down, best yet

Bugs discovered so far

  • Android market still free version
  • GPS location still locating us on Loushan Rd wang chung land
  • Firmware update app will DOWNGRADE YOU TO 28xx 2.1 firmware so dont touch it
  • Wow Launcher still abit slow
  • Development Options still hidden/disabled
  • Live Wallpapers Disabled/Unistalled
  • Maybe the last firmware for the superpad 


Installation Instructions:
*Caution, Please backup any important data you may have on your tablet or your sdcard as both will be wiped during the update procedure. This update procedure will require either your sdcard or a male-male end usb cable for direct flashing of the firmware. This procedure is the same as we took in the 2xxx firmware upgrades for those who took participation in that event. Your tablet should be completely charged for this event and should be plugged in as well for the procedure. Please follow directions carefully and slowly along with the actions needed afterwards on the superpad or flytouch2. This process should be brick free and safe for any android user. If it were to brick, I am not responsible nor is anyone here as you take the responsibility of flashing updates,firmwares,upgrades,ect to your tablet. It isnt required to flash any updates to your tablet as its always a danger to your tablet but recommended at the same time.


*NOTE* The drivers needed for the direct USB burn in the IUS burner are only capadible with windows XP 32bit. If you plan to use that method and you are running windows 7 or another operating system, you will need to setup a virtual machine with windows xp using virtual box or some other emulator, if you need help setting up a virtual environment, please email me for support.

::Note for Windows 7, OSX, and Linux users::
In order to run the IUS burner, you may need to setup up a virtual xp machine on your desktop/laptop. Virtual box is a great program to install on either windows or linux. OSX users, go purchase parallel from your local computer store. If you need a virtual desktop setup, please scroll down to Virtual Machine Setup.

::Preping Your SDcard For Firmware Burning::
“Only if you are choosing to use the burn to sd method, which ive noticed to be a lot easier but may need more than one flash to the tablet”
Your SDcard needs to be fully formated and at its highest capacity in order to burn the firmware to your sdcard. If you’ve attempted the 3245 updated but was not successful and/or could not fix your sdcard after winhex repartitioned it, we need to fix it. By using the following links, choose a method and correct your sdcard. We need it back to its normal capacity.…disk-partition
*Someone earlier posted a hp tool earlier in 3245 post and that seemed to work to.
After your card is to its fullest again, simple format your card or just make sure everythings off of it. After burning the firmware to your sdcard, you will have to repartition your sdcard to get it back to the fullest capacity again.

*Files/Programs needed

IUS burner (Pick a link that works for you)
IUS burner.rar – – online file sharing and storage – download

WWE10 IUS file…U0M_GT2005.rar

For those who are having problems with the above links, I uploaded a whole package.
::IUS Burner and WWE10 IUS File AIO package Link::
Froyo upgrade package.rar

Deciding which procedure to take? Are you an advanced user or beginner? If you are a beginner or not very computer savy, I would recommend the burn to sdcard method as its the safest and easiest procedure.

After downloading both folders, place them both in one folder on your desktop for easy access to the IUS program so you can find your files easily.

Introduction of IUW Burning Tools
USB Method
Connecting devices: Connect the tablet and computer with a USB cable(male to male), one end to the USB OTG interface(close to the Audio output) of the tablet and one end toPC. Get ready for boot the tablet. Press Power+Menu to boot the 10 inch tablet and Power+Vol+ for 8 inch one. Then the PC shows new hard drive detected. After the drive is installed according to the drive program in the OTG Driver file, you can begin burning.

This procedure is available in the advanced options of the IUS burner and is for meant advanced android users.
File list:
• U0: u-boot-nand.bin
• KERNEL: uImage (or uimg.xxxx)
• SYSTEM: system.img
• USER: userdata.img
• RAMDISK: ramdisk.img
• RECVRD: recovery_rd.img (It can be ignored if there is no RECVRD)
You can find the above files in the Android folder in the img card we offered.

1. Burning by OTG
1). Open the IUW burning tools and select Link USB
2). select Easy burn
3). Select the ius .iso file located on your computer, point the folder towards were you located the IUS file downloaded earlier.
4). Connect the the tablet to computer
5). Press Power+Menu to boot the 10 inch tablet and Power+Voice+ for 8 inch. When the small box in Tool turns green, press Burn.
6). After burning finishes, plug out the cable and press Reset, then restart the device.

2. Burning by SD card

1). Open the IUW burning tools and select Boot Disk
2). Select the IUS .iso file (Again were ever you placed it on your computer, usually your desktop for easy access)
3). Connect the SD card to PC via card-reader;
4). Select the SD drive, for example Removeable media1;
5). Click the Burn button in tool;
6). After burning finishes, plug the SD card into the T-flash 1 (MicroSD) slot; (Sometimes the sdcard will get damaged if you directly remove so please use the correct way and use the option, “remove drive safely”)
7). Press Power button to begin the burning;
8). After burning finishes, plug out the SD card, and press Reset, then restart the device.
9) Your sdcard will probably be as messed up as like the last update procedure did to it, partations are reformated. So Use the hp format tool to reformat your sdcard.

Warning: Keep the tablet is charging because the whole burning progress needs definitely enough power, otherwise the system will break up and booting fails. After burning finishes, the system will starts self-checking. It is normal when the flash- or blurred screen appears.

The self checking will probably freak you but be head strong and enjoy the show, its normal. A few button clicks will be needed so dont walk off.

After a long tedious self check, you should start to see your normal boot process, booting will take some time and you will be presented with a calibration screen and then your desktop.

Rooting is very known by this community and to some is a dumb deer in the headlights look. Whats root? Well its basically meaning to have administrative rights to your tablet allowing one to have full control over the android operating system which can be fun but dangerous at the same time. “With great power comes great responsibility” Now we arnt spider man but yeah its the truth, you can destroy your firmware if you misuse your root privileges. Root acces will allow one to install custom boot animations, custom themes, system apps, terminal scripts, font, font size, file system editing, ect.

*Gaining root

Now again development options are needed and in this case, they are blocked yet again :/ so we need our favorite launcher to give us a lift.
*Launcher Pro is available via the android market place and its obsolete version is available in my Goodies Package I introduced with the 3245 firmware. That package can be downloaded below, its packed full of items to spice up your superpad.
After you install Launcher propress home and select Launcher Pro. Once your on Launcher pro as your desktop, long press on the desktop untill you recieve the options of creating a shortcut. Press shortcut then press activities. Then scroll down your options untill you see settings and scroll down till you see development and select it and create the shortcut. Click on your new shortcut and click on debugging optionFrom the goodies package, install z4root/terminal/and busybox. Your all set to start playing with your root abilities after that ^.^

*Tips, Tricks, Extras
~coming soon~

After some sexy remodeling, more to come.

Here is the package I mentioned earlier I put together
Goodies package
MEGAUPLOAD – The leading online storage and file delivery service
Pro Apps Package (Couple of “free apps of the day” from the amazon marketplace I found very usefull)
Pro Apps.rar – – online file sharing and storage – download

*Extract the contents of the following packages using winrar or .rar extractor onto your sdcard and browse the files via the file browser or my pad app on the super pad to apply the apks and other goods.

**Virtual Machine Setup**
-Microsofts site to help windows 7 users install windows xp mode.
Download Windows XP Mode
-Virtual Box Details and Instructions
The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Virtual Machines with VirtualBox


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  2. I have the following and need help if the above mentioned would work on my machine:

    Brand Name: Super Pai III
    Model No: SAWEE10
    Processor: 1Ghz, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage
    1 TF Card and 2 USB’s
    Android Version v2.2-20110818
    Kernel Version
    qliu00@semitime-server #3
    Build Number FRF85B
    Hareware: imapx200
    resolution 600*1024
    density 160 dpi
    9Volts, 2Amps

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