SuperPad (Flytouch 2) Firmware Update 3245


Superpad (Flytouch 2) Firmware Upgrade

NOTE: Outdated! New version out, CLICK HERE!!!!

Update 3245 –¬†Whats New?

  • Version 3245
  • Smoother UI
  • Camera fix
  • Skype and Windows Live messenger enhanced
  • WEBtv
  • 3g options for 3g adapters
  • Ota updates (supposidly)
  • Icon changes
  • Filemanager
  • registration completly gone…this time
  • A Better Tablet
  • Faster Ramdisk

The Flaws Discovered

  • live wallpapers disabled (fixed)
  • market payed apps disabled, V1 (working on fix)
  • wifi issues on selected flytouch2 devices and other capadible devices. (We have no clue)
  • Debug option hidden (fixed)
  • Read only system (fixed to RW)

If your tablet came with or has froyo…this update is not meant for u unless u wanna downgrade.

SD card update burner : ( bootable sd ) (The burn tool needed for this process)
Update 3245: MEGAUPLOAD – The leading online storage and file delivery service ( android.rar ) (The android files needed for the update, not an **)

(if they dont work, try the site)
InfoTM X220 (Flytouch II, WOWpad, SuperPAD) ROM Development – Page 151 – xda-developers

Thanks to XDA

Flytouch 2 Generation 1 Update process
Update 2.1.3245

By: Ryan Gocal (Rg)


  1. Extract the recovery rar file and make a folder like I dont know…FTii Recovery Tool on your desktop
  2. Go in win hex folder and click on winhex.exe located in second folder on the bottom of list
  3. On the tool bar click on options, general
  4. Setting up your work enviroment~ make folder for temp. files somwhere on your hdd or point it to your FTii recovery tool folder
  5. Click ok and close out of program

!Make Boot sector to SD Card! *Caution, This is the only place you can screw up and your sd card should result in a 700mb storage device, if not you failed.
~Run WinHex.exe

  1. On the toolbar click… tools, disk tools, clone disk
  2. Choose file (aben.start sector.001) its the first file in the recovery folder you made, thee important one.
  3. Choose the sd card as your destination, whether its in an sd card adapter or usb adapter.
  4. Checklist…source: raw image should be chosen as your sector.001 file, destination medium is going to be your sd card, start sector (destination) Fill in 0 (zero) and click ok. if you recieve any temp. file locator errors, ignore them unless its concerning your preporation setup or this process wont work.
  5. After finish it finishes, take out the card, close your windows and put it back in.
  6. Your result of the card should be 700mb after you format the card to Fat32, if not you screwed up and restart the process to editing your sd card.
  7. Extract android folder and copy the folder android on the sd card

Plug YOUR FRIGGEN TABLET IN…¬†mmmk then… now proceed.

Put the card in your tablet and power it on (dont press buttons, dont boot to recovery, just turn it on and you should recieve a message right away saying applying update or somthing relative to that)

Let linux do its thing

Calibrate your screen


Debugging options have NOT been disabled, they have been dont fret. We have posted links for rooting and to fix your sd card. we are here to help, any questions, comments or concerns…post them here.

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  1. It won’t work for me. I follow all instructions but there’s no results. My screen is frozen with that “android_” sign on the left part of the screenn and it won’t move further.

    Any suggestions?


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