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Recently I got my Samsung Galaxy S phone back from repairs (I’m a bit bad with phones – I either give them away, let them get stolen or damage them physically hahaha!) and tried getting my MMS settings to work properly with Cell C. This lovely, cute, stunning girl (yeah she is awesome!!) sent me an MMS and I really wanted to have a look at the pic. Let’s just say %*#$^ what a mission! GPRS works great first time but to get MMS working was a bit of a new ball game! Anyway I got it working eventually and noticed there are quite a lot of users on the interwebs having the same problem; not just with Cell C but also Virgin Mobile, Vodacom etc… Don’t think our operators here are quite user friendly towards android phones just yet.

To simplify things I have added screenshots of my APN setup. If you have any queries please feel free to comment below:

On a side note I set my MMS to manual download and not auto retrieve. Only did this for testing purposes. Also if you’ve entered it correctly like in my image examples and it’s not working, just reboot your phone then all should be purrrrfect!!! 🙂 Happy MMS’ing 😛


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    • if you dont have a custom ROM you will only have the shutdown command…just turn off your phone after applying the settings and turn it back on. On MMS i find setting the download from automatic to manual under messages settings helps too…

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